American Film Noir

As an introduction to the genre which embodies the stylistic and psychology dimension of next Mondays presentation, “Night of the Hunter”,
starring Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters, and, former silent film actor, Lillian Gish, I am posting this brief history of, and various charateristics which definine the “noir” genre.

One might take exception with the, often, “rigid” definitional characteristics the author ascribes to “true” Film Noir offerings, such as being filmed in only black and white. One thinks immediately of David Lynch, or, Alfred Hitchcock, as a directors who have employed black and white filmmaking, as well as using the carnality (The Birds” or “Blue Velvet) of color film making to provoke the psychological concerns of “noir”. Which other contemporary films
and filmmakers address, directly, the history of “noir” filmmaking, but do so disregarding the limitations of black and white, or the stylistic manners of Film Noir’s “golden age”?


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