The Republic of Suffering

The full documentary “The Republic of Suffering” is no longer available online. To replace this viewing moment, I am posting this supported dialogue
Between Drew Gilpin, Harvard President and Eric Burns, documentary filmmaker, among others. I read Gilpin’s “the Republic of Suffering” a few years ago and found it devastating, astonishing, bewildering, and illuminating issues which continue to impact the manner in which America conducts it’s ongoing philosophical debate, or dialogue.

Please respond to the following questions as a required writing assignment:

To the extent that one might be able to argue that a condition of “Civil War”
might be a societal possibility in contemporary America, How might the battle between polarized points of philosophical discord be described?

How many factions might be parties to this engagement?

How many socio-political issues, at stake at the time of the American Civil War,
continue to be issues that enable ongoing tensions to be sustained within the fabric of the American experience?


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